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Chapter 1:  The Activities of Mahârâja Priyavrata

A Vishnu to worship

(9) Recognizing the swan-carrier of his almighty father Lord Hiranyagarbha [Brahmâ] the devarishi [Nârada], Priyavrata and his father [Svâyambhuva Manu] present there immediately rose to their feet with their hands folded in order to be respectfully of worship with all the paraphernalia.

Chapter 2: The Activities of Mahârâja Âgnîdhra

A Vishnu to worship

(4)  She there wandered around in the woods near that place of meditation, that most beautiful was dense with various trees with masses of high reaching, golden creepers attached to the branches. The clear waters of the lake filled with lotuses resounded with the vibrations of the pleasant sounds of communicating pairs of land birds and on their turn responding water birds like ducks and swans.

Chapter 3: Rishabhadeva's Appearance in the Womb of Merudevî,
the Wife of
King Nâbhi

A Vishnu to worship

(6) You are most pleased, oh Supreme Lord, by Your servants who in great ecstasy do their
with faltering voices and perform their worship with water, fresh twigs of green, tulasî leaves and sprouts of grass.

Chapter 4: The Characteristics of Rishabhadeva

A Vishnu to worship

(8) The Supreme Lord Rishabha, after accepting His kingdom as His field of work, set an example by living with His spiritual teachers and giving them donations upon finishing His studies. Being ordered to take up the duties of a householder He married with Jayantî who had been offered to Him by Indra. He then taught by example how to perform both types of activities as mentioned in the scriptures [of defending the religion and fighting injustice]. He begot a hundred sons [in her and in co-wives or through his sons with daughters-in-law] who were exactly like Him.

Chapter 5: Lord Rishabhadeva's Teachings to His Sons

A Vishnu to worship

(10-13) With the help of one's intelligence one can give up the false identification with the material world, the cause of material bondage. That is achieved by following a spiritually advanced person, a guru, as also by devotional service unto Me, by not desiring, by exercising tolerance with the dual world and by inquiries; by realizing the truth of the miseries of the living beings everywhere, by practicing austerities and penances and by giving up on sensual pleasures; by working for Me, listening to stories about Me as also by always keeping company with devoted souls; by singing about My qualities, by freedom from enmity, by being equal to all, by subduing one's emotions, oh sons; by trying to forsake the identification with one's home and body, by studying yoga literatures; by living alone, by entirely controlling the breath, the senses and the mind; by developing faith, by continually observing celibacy, by constant vigilance, by restraint of speech; by thinking of Me, seeing Me everywhere, by developing knowledge and through wisdom in being illumined by the practice of yoga; and by being endowed with determination, enthusiasm and goodness.

A Vishnu to worship

(27) Engage all of your mind, your words and the perception of all your active and receptive senses directly in My worship, for without it a person will not be able to free himself from the great illusion that binds him to death.'


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