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Chapter 27:  Attack by Candavega on the City of King Purañjana;
the Character of Kâlakanyâ

(1) Nârada said: 'Purañjana's wife by means of these love games completely bringing her husband
under her control o great King, thus enjoyed all the satisfaction she gave him.

Chapter 28: Purañjana Becomes a Woman in his Next Life

(23) Purañjana was restrained like an animal by the Yavanas taken to their abode,
followed by the stream of his attendants who deeply aggrieved were lost in tears. 

Chapter 29: The conversation of Nârada and King Prâcinabarhi

(29) Sometimes one is a man, sometimes a woman and then one is neither of both. Then one has lost one's mind and then again you're a human being, a beast or a god. One is born according to one's karma with the modes of nature.

(60) Nârada said: 'From the karma a person engages in the consequences are to be faced in a next life, because [having died, in his unembodied state] nothing has changed to that what belongs to him: his proof of character [the subtle body or linga] and his mind about it stay the same.

Chapter 30: The Activities of the Pracetâs

A Vishnu to worship

(28) You who in Your compassion by Your expansions [and teachers] are visible to the humble devotees, are - with the necessary respect of time -  only this much [ - by Your beautiful embodiment and not by thousands of mantras -] always remembered in someone's devotional service o destroyer of all inauspiciousness.

Chapter 31: Nârada Instructs the Pracetâs

A Vishnu to worship

(8) Maitreya said: 'Thus petitioned by the Pracetâs the kings received an answer from the great Nârada
who with his mind always being absorbed in thoughts about the Lord Praised in the Verses was of the greatest wisdom.

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