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Chapter 21:  Instructions by Prithu Mahârâja

(31) Persons of penance destroy, because of their inclination to serve the lotus feet, immediately the dirt that accumulated in their minds in countless births.
Just like the [Ganges] water that emanating from His toes vanquishes all dirt, they, day after day, see their purity increasing.

Chapter 22:  Prithu Mahârâja's Meeting with the Four Kumâras

(19) An association of devotees in which there is discussion, questioning and answering, is appreciated by both the parties [of speakers and listeners], and real happiness for all will expand from it.

Chapter 23:  Prithu Mahârâja Returns Back Home

(13) He, the best of the heroes, fixing his mind on the Supersoul,
in due course of time
thus thoroughly being spiritually purified, gave up his vehicle of time

Chapter 24: The Song Sung by Lord S'iva

(18) Although he is satisfied within himself, the great Lord S'iva, when he manifests in this world for the fulfillment of her wishes, engages with the terror of the forces controlling her [like those of Kâlî, Durgâ or Vîrabhadra, see 4.5].'

They who, performing their [occupational] duties, wish to purify themselves and live without fear, must meditate on this form [of Yours] in a devotional practice of yoga [bhakti-yoga].


Chapter 25: About the Character of King Purañjana


(23) She wore a yellow garment and had a beautiful waist and dark complexion,
a golden belt and at her feet ankle bells tinkling as she walked, like a denizen of heaven.

Chapter 26: King Purañjana Goes Hunting and Finds His Morose Wife

(9) From the destruction of the animal bodies pierced by the arrows with different kinds of feathers,
there was great sadness, unbearable as that was for compassionate souls.

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