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Chapter 15:  King Prithu's Appearance and Coronation

(16) Brahmâ armed him with spiritual knowledge, his wife Bhâratî the Goddess of Learning [Sarasvatî] gave a transcendental necklace,
the Supreme Personality [Hari, Vishnu] gave him a Sudars'ana disc and His wife Lakshmî gave him imperishable opulence.

Chapter 16:  King Prithu Extolled

(21) For certain all kings of all places will present themselves before him. With the locally worshiped deities the wives of these kings
will consider him the Original King who wields the weapon of his disc in defense of his [His] reputation.

Chapter 17: Mahârâja Prithu Becomes Angry at the Earth

Prithu wordt boos
(14) When the earth saw that he had taken up his bow and arrows, she, having turned into a cow,
away trembling as afraid as a deer chased by a hunter.

Chapter 18: Mahârâja Prithu Milks the Earth

(9-10) O hero, arrange for a calf of mine, from my affection for it I will, if you also arrange for a milking pot and a milkman, fulfill all your desires for milk for each of you. I will as well, o mighty-armed one, o protector of the living beings, provide for the food you wanted for feeding yourself, if you so desire.

Chapter 19: King Prithu's One Hundred Horse Sacrifices

(1) The sage Maitreya said: 'Thereafter he, the king, in the land of Manu known as Brahmâvarta,
where the Sarasvatî flows to the east, then initiated the performance of a hundred horse sacrifices.

Chapter 20: Lord Vishnu's Appearance in the Sacrificial Arena of Mahârâja Prithu

(26) When someone somehow or other, even only once, in association with those who are advanced listens to the all-auspicious glorification of You o honored one, how can someone appreciative of Your characteristics, unless he is an animal, then ever cease with that what the Goddess of Fortune in her desire to hear about You has accepted as Your quality?

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