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Chapter 1: Genealogical Table of the Daughters of Manu

(1) S'rî Maitreya said: 'Svâyambhuva Manu begot in his wife S'atarûpâ [two sons, as]
also three daughters named Âkûti, Devahûti and Prasûti, as you know
[see 3.12: 56].

(54-55) The demigods, Brahmâ and the others, all full of respect offered prayers. From the heavens musical instruments sounded, flowers were showered from the sky, the sages satisfied chanted Vedic hymns, the Gandharvas and Kinnaras began to sing, the heavenly damsels danced and thus all signs of good fortune were seen.

Chapter 2: Daksha Curses Lord S'iva

(2) How could he hate him who is the spiritual master of the entire world and who,
being satisfied within with a peaceful personality and free from enmity, is the greatest demigod of the universe?

Chapter 3: Talks Between Lord S'iva and Satî  

(16) The great Lord said: 'What you said my dear beauty, is perfectly true; one may, even uninvited, visit friends,
provided they are not finding fault with you or, more important, when they are free from anger in being proud of their material achievements.

Chapter 4: Satî Quits Her Body  


(24) Maitreya said: 'O annihilator of the enemy, speaking thus to Daksha in the arena of sacrifice,
she sat down in silence on the ground with her face to the north. After touching water she, dressed in saffron garments, then closed her eyes to find absorption in the process of yoga.

Chapter 5: Frustration of the Sacrifice of Daksha 

(1) Maitreya said: 'When Lord S'iva heard from Nârada about the death of Satî because of the impudence shown by the Prajâpati and that the soldiers of his associates had been driven away by the Ribhus produced from Daksha's sacrificial fire, his anger knew no bounds.

Chapter 6: Brahmâ Satisfies Lord S'iva

(10) The mountain range, home to a diversity of deer, is replete with all kinds of precious stones
and minerals and is grown by trees, creepers and a diversity of other plants.

(35) They saw him there as the master of the senses, the knowledge of austerity and the path of yoga;
as the friend of the entire world who with his complete love is a blessing to each.

Chapter 7: The Sacrifice Performed by Daksha


(10) The very moment the Prajâpati saw the Lord who rides the bull,
his by hatred polluted heart became as clean as a lake [filled by the rains] in autumn.

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