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Chapter 85 - 86- 87 - 88 - 89 - 90

Chapter 85: Lord Krishna Instructs Vasudeva
and Retrieves DevakÓ's Sons

(52) Thus having spoken, They, both being honored by Bali, took the sons back to Dv‚rak‚ and presented them to their mother. (53) When she saw the boys, the breasts of the goddess flowed because of her affection for her sons. She placed them on her lap and embraced them, over and over smelling their heads.

Chapter 86: Arjuna Kidnaps Subhadr‚, and
Krishna Instructs Bahulas'va and S'rutadeva

(6) With his eyes wide open of happiness, he saw the wonderful girl there
who enchanted heroes. Smitten he fixed his mind on her.

Chapter 87: The Underlying Mystery: Prayers of the Personified Vedas

(14) The Vedas said: 'All glories, oh all glories to You! Please, Unconquerable One, defeat the eternal illusion which assumed the form of the natural modes and constitutes the [human] weakness. Because You, who in Your original status are complete with all opulences, at times engaging with Your spiritual and material energies awaken the powers of the mobile and immobile embodied beings [awake them to consciousness], You can by us, the Vedas, be supported [**].


Chapter 88: Lord S'iva Saved from Vrik‚sura

(12) S'rÓ S'uka said: 'Brahm‚, Vishnu, S'iva and others, are capable of pronouncing curses and granting favors. Brahm‚ and S'iva are quick with their condemnations and blessings, my dear King, but the Infallible One [Lord Vishnu] is not.


Chapter 89: Vishnu the Best of Gods and
the Krishnas Retrieve a Br‚hmin's Sons

(19) S'rÓ S'uka said: 'The scholars [being assembled] at the SarasvatÓ in order to dispel the doubt of the common people, thus [with this conclusion] served the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality [of Pure Goodness] and attained His destination.' "

(46) After this statement, the Supreme Lord, the Divine Controller, mounted his chariot together
with Arjuna and set off in the western direction.


Chapter 90: The Queens Play and Speak and Lord Krishna's Glories Summarized

(11) Like He was the king of the elephants surrounded by she-elephants, Krishna enjoyed the being sprayed by and spraying of the women, while the kunkuma from their breasts stuck to His garland and the arrangement of His wealth of hair was disheveled from being absorbed in the game.

(50) A mortal who at every sacrificial ceremony hears about, sings about and meditates on the beautiful topics concerning Mukunda, heads from his home for His abode, the place where the inescapable sway of death is arrested. Even those who ruled this earth [like Dhruva and Priyavrata] went into the forest for this sake.'

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