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Chapter 69: Nârada Muni's Vision of Krishna in His Household Affairs

(14) The Supreme Lord, the best defender of all dharma, noticing him, immediately rose from S'rî's couch
and offered him
His own seat while bowing down with joined palms.


Chapter 70: Krishna's Routines, Troubles and Nârada Pays Another Visit

(10) Paying His respects to the cows, the men of learning, the godly souls, the elders, the spiritual teachers and to all living beings who were but expansions of Himself, He [giving darshan], laid His hand on all [persons and] auspicious matters. (11) He, the very ornament of society, decorated Himself with the clothes, divine garlands, fragrant pastes and jewelry that befitted Him.

(39) For the individual soul in samsâra, who knows no liberation from the trouble that the material body brings,
lights His torch of fame through the pastimes of His avatâras. You, that Lord, I approach for shelter.

Chapter 71: The Lord Travels to Indraprastha
on Advice of Uddhava

(29) The bards, the chroniclers, the singers of heaven, the eulogists and jesters with mridangas, conches, kettledrums,
vînâs, small drums and gomukha horns, all sang, danced and glorified with hymns the Lotus-eyed one, as also did the brahmins.

Chapter 72: Jarâsandha Killed by Bhîma and the Kings Freed

(43) Standing with his foot on top of one leg, he with both hands took hold of the other one and tore,
just like a great elephant with a tree branch, him apart from the anus upward.

Chapter 73: Lord Krishna Blesses the Liberated Kings

(7) And the same moment the kings with joined palms praised the Master of the Senses with their words,
the weariness of their imprisonment was dispelled by the ecstasy of seeing Krishna.

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