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Chapter 7: Krishna Kicks the Cart, Defeats Trināvarta
and Shows Yas'odā the Universe

(8) All the men and women of Vraja who, being invited by Yas'odā and Nanda, had assembled for the utthāna ceremony, witnessed that wondrous event and wondered how the cart out of its own could have been damaged so badly.

 (28) Grasped by the throat he was powerless. His eyes popped out while he choked and
together with the child, fell down to the ground in Vraja.

Chapter 8: The Name Ceremony, His Pranks and
Again the Universe Within His Mouth

(11) S'rī S'uka said: 'The man of learning thus urgently requested, in secret seclusion
the name-giving ceremony for the two boys for which he had come.

(30) [With the pots] hung out of reach, He devises a way by piling up things or turning over a mortar, and then finds His way to the contents by making a hole in the hanging pot. Awaiting the time that the gopīs are busy with their household affairs, He, with the necessary light from the radiating jewels on His body, manages to find His way in a dark room!

(40)  'Is this all a dream, a divine phantasmagoria or maybe a delusion of my own intelligence,
or would that what I so see differently be some yogic phenomenon natural to my child?


Chapter 9: Mother Yas'odā Binds Lord Krishna

(8) Standing on top of a mortar He had turned over, He, anxiously looking around, from a hanging [storage] pot to His pleasure handed a share of the milk goodies out to a monkey. From behind watching these activities, she very slowly approached her son.

(13-14) He to whom there is neither an inside nor an outside, neither a beginning nor an end, is both the beginning ąnd the end, both the inside ąnd the outside of the universe. He constitutes the complete of the universe. And He, the One Unmanifest, the One Unseen present in the form of a mortal being, was by the gopī taken for her son and bound to a mortar, like one does with a normal child. 

Chapter 10: The Deliverance of the Sons of Kuvera

(6) Seeing him their adherents [the girls] were ashamed and, afraid of being cursed, quickly covered their naked bodieswith their garments. But the two guardians of Kuvera's treasures [the S'iva guhyakas], who were also naked, did not. 

(28) On the spot from the two trees two persons appeared, resplendently beautiful, like fire rising up and illuminating all directions. They offered Krishna head down with folded hands their obeisances. Being freed from passion and ignorance they said the following to the Lord of the Entire World:

Chapter 11: A New Residence, the Fruitvendor and
Vatsāsura and Bakāsura Defeated

(11) What He had to offer had slipped from the palms of His hands [on the way], but the fruit lady filled them [nevertheless] with fruits. Thereupon the entire basket of fruits filled with gold and jewels!

(51) With Bakāsura attacking again, He with His arms caught the beak of that friend of Kamsa, after which He, as the Master of the Truthful Souls, and to the pleasure of the denizens of heaven, before the eyes of the boys, tore it apart as easily as one splits a blade of grass.

Chapter 12: The Killing of the Demon Aghāsura

(3) With Krishna's personal calves added to them they could not be counted anymore. Immersed in their children's games, the boys had a good time at different places [in the forest].


(27) Krishna, who for each and everyone is the source of fearlessness, was amazed to witness that and compassionately felt sorry about this twist of fate. They who had no one but Him now helplessly had moved away from His control to burn as straws in the fire of the belly of Aghāsura, death personified.

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