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Chapter 13: Lord Brahmā Steals the Boys and Calves

(8) In a wide circle happily facing inward, the boys of Vraja grouped in rows around Krishna. Thus sitting down in the forest they looked as beautiful as the petals and leaves that make up the whorl of a lotus flower.

(15) He who was born from the lotus and who resides in the beyond [Lord Brahmā], was very charmed by the way the Lord had enchanted the boys. Just to see more of it he led the boys and their calves away to hide them elsewhere, oh man of the Kuru bond. This authority from heaven who before had witnessed the deliverance of Aghāsura, had become very astonished about the Almighty Personality [see footnote*].

(62) When he saw that, he quickly came down from his carrier [the swan] and fell with his body flat to the ground like a golden rod. Therewith he with the tips of his four crowns touched His feet and bowing down performed a bathing ceremony with the pure water of his tears of joy.

Chapter 14: Brahmā's Prayers to Lord Krishna

(18) Did You not just today show me how this creation, Your lawfulness, is based on Your bewildering potency? First You were there all alone and then You became all of Vraja's boys and calves. Next You even became a same number of four-handed forms, who were served by all [the powers] including me, and then You became an equal number of universes [10.13: 53]. Then You again became the One Infinite Absolute Truth without a second...

(40) S'rī Krishna, oh bestower of pleasure of the lotus of the Vrishni dynasty, You are the cause of the development of the seas of demigods, brahmins and animals of this earth. When there are unsound doctrines You dispel the darkness. You are the opponent of the ogres on earth. For as long as the sun shines, till the end of time, I, oh worshipable Supreme Lord, will offer You my obeisances.'

Chapter 15: The Killing of Dhenuka, the Ass Demon
and Poison in the River

(2) Mādhava ['the Sweet Lord'], eager to play, surrounded by the gopas who were chanting His fame, sounding His flute and keeping the animals together with Balarāma in front of Him, entered the forest that had many flowers and a lot of nourishment for the cows.

(32) [But] He seized him by the hooves, whirled him around with one hand and
threw him, [being dashed against a palmyra] 
with his life spun out of him, in the top of a palm tree.

Chapter 16: Krishna Chastises the Serpent Kāliya

(9) And while He, so attractive in His yellow garments and as delicate as a glowing white cloud, with the S'rīvatsa, His smiling beautiful face and with His feet, which resembled the inside of a lotus, thus fearlessly was playing, He was angrily bitten in the chest by him and enveloped in his coils.

(33) The wives of the serpent said: 'The punishment for this person who acted against the rules is deserved. With an equal vision towards sons and foes, You descended in this world to subdue the wicked ones and punish for the sake of a positive result.

(54) S'rī S'uka said: 'He, the Supreme Lord, thus extensively praised by the wives of the stupefied snake,
thereupon released him whose heads were defeated by His trampling feet.

Chapter 17: The History of Kāliya and
His Swallowing a Forest Fire

(25)  The Lord of the Universe, the Unlimited One who possesses endless potencies,
seeing His people that desperate, thereupon swallowed that terrible fire.'

Chapter 18: Lord Balarāma Slays the Demon Pralamba

(23) After Rāma's party consisting of S'rīdāmā, Vrishabha and others had won the contest, each of them was carried by Krishna and the members of His party oh King. (24) Because Krishna, the Supreme Lord, was defeated He carried S'rīdāmā, Bhadrasena carried Vrishabha and Pralamba [the Asura] carried the son of Rohinī [Balarāma].

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