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Chapter 19: Again Swallowing a Forest Fire

(12) 'All right', they said, and having closed their eyes the Supreme Lord,
the Controller of Yoga, 
delivered them from the danger by swallowing the terrible fire.


Chapter 20: The Rainy Season and
Autumn in Vrindāvana*

(25) The Lord and Balarāma surrounded by the cows and boys thus for their enjoyment entered that most resplendent forest with its ripe dates and jambu fruits. (26) The cows moved slowly because of their big and heavy udders, but being called by the Lord they came quickly with their udders wet out of affection.

(32)  With Rāma and Kes'ava residing this way in Vraja, the fall season manifested itself in full, with a cloudless sky, the clearest water and a gentle wind. (33) In autumn the lotuses regenerated and the bodies of water regained their original state [of purity], just as the minds of fallen souls are restored by the practice of devotional service.

Chapter 21: The Gopīs Glorify the Song
of Krishna's Flute

(5) [Before their mind's eye they saw how] His glories were sung by the group of cowherds, and the holes of His flute were filled by the nectar of His lips, as He entered the forest of Vrindāvana that was so enchanting because of His footprints. [They pictured Him] with a peacock feather on His head, a body like that of the best dancers, a blue karnikāra lotus behind His ears, golden, yellow colored garments and the vaijayantī garland around His neck [the garland 'of victory' with flowers of five different colors].

Chapter 22: Krishna Steals the Garments
of the Unmarried Gopīs

(9)  (9) He stole their clothes away and quickly climbed in a Kadamba tree. Laughing together with the boys He made fun by saying: (10) 'Come here, oh girls, if you like, and take each your own garment. Seriously, I am not joking, for you must be tired because of the vow.


Chapter 23: The Brahmin Wives Blessed

(7) Rāma and Acyuta graze Their cows not far from here, and being hungry they want to ask you if you could supply Them with some food, oh twice-born souls. So, if you have faith, then please donate, oh finest knowers of the religion.

(29) The wives answered: 'Do not speak so harshly with us, oh Almighty One, please be true to Your [scriptural] promise that someone who has attained the basis of Your lotus feet and has turned away from all his relations, may carry upon his hair the tulsī garland that was dismissed by Your feet. (30) Our husbands, fathers, sons and brothers, other relatives and friends will not accept us! And how would other people respond? Would You please therefore grant that to us, whose bodies have fallen at Your feet and for who there is no other destination, oh Chastiser of the Enemies?'

(31) The Supreme Lord said: 'Your husbands will not be angry out of jealousy, nor will your fathers, brothers, sons or other people. Even the demigods will, on My word, regard you favorably. (32) Physical association does not make the people in the world more happy or loving. When you [in stead thereof] fix your minds upon Me, you will very quickly be with Me. (33) Hearing, attending [to the deity or the gathering of devotees], meditating and singing about Me, you are of love for Me, not so much with being physically close to Me. Therefore return to your homes.'

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