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Album III




Krishna Murâri

Text & melody: Bhaktivinod Thhâkur
Singer: Anand Aadhar Prabhu
Duration: 4 min. 10
Date: 12 Jan 2004

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Krishna Murâri 

'Mama Mana Mandire'

"In the Temple of My Heart"


(Am F G Am C Dm Bdim C Bdim C Dm G)

(AmIII G Em) 
mama mana mandire
In the temple of my heart ,

(C EmI Am) 
raha nis'i-din
please stay night and day.

(EmI Am C F C)
krishna murâri s'rî krishna murâri             R
Krishna-Murâri, Lord Krishna Murâri    

(AmII C Dm F) 
bhakti priti mâlâ candan          R
My devotion love, flowers and incense.  

(Dm C) 
tumi nio he nio
You please accept, o please accept,

cita-nandan            R
O delighter of the heart.  


jîvana marana
In life or in death,

tava pûjâ nivedan          R
the worship of You!

nayana jamunâ
from my eyes a river,

(EmI GIII)  
jhare anibâr          R
flows incessantly,


(D AmII CI D)  
sundara he mana hârî          R
o Beautiful One, o Lord of the Mind,

tomâra virahe giridhârî          R
(my tears) in separation, o Lifter of the Hill!

 (D AmI C D )
eso nanda kumâr âr nanda kumâr            R
please come o Son of Nanda, and son of Nanda,


(D C D AmII Em)
habe prema pradîpe âroti tomâr
there wil be with the lamp of love the lightoffering,

(C D Am EmI)
prema pradîpe âroti tomâr
with the lamp of love the lightoffering.  


(C D Am EmI)
bandana gâne tava bajuk jîvana          R
may I pass my life In songs praising You!

(EmI Am C F C I)
krishna murâri s'ri krishna murâri
Krishna-Murâri, Lord Krishna Murâri


(Am F G Am C Dm Bdim C Bdim C Dm G C)

(Chords harmonium)




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