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Chapter 1: King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman

(26) Having entered there, oh ruler of man, Sudyumna, the pre-eminent hero, saw himself changed into a woman and his horse into a mare [see also 5.17: 15].

Chapter 2: The Dynasties of six of the Sons of Manu

(9) The family preceptor [Vasishthha] cursed him for the unintended sinful deed saying: 'Having acted like a s'ûdra, you cannot belong to the kshatriyas. Because of that unholy deed it is your karma to become a s'ûdra.'


Chapter 3: The Marriage of Sukanyâ
and Cyavana Muni

(10) Sukanyâ, after having Cyavana for her husband, had understanding for him who remained very grumpy with her. She tried to please him by acting attentively according to his wishes.

Chapter 4: Ambarisha Mahârâja Offended by Durvâsa Muni  

(28) Pleased with his unalloyed devotional service, the Lord gave him His cakra [disc weapon] that protects the devotees but is so fearful to the ones opposing Him [see also 7.9: 43 and B.G. 9: 31].

Chapter 5: Durvâsa Saved: the Cakra-prayers of Ambarîsha

(12) S'rî S'uka said: 'After the disc weapon of the Lord named Sudars'ana thus was being prayed to by the king, it, because of his petitioning, stopped to harass the scholar from all sides. (13) Durvâsâ, being freed from the heat of the fire of the weapon, most contented then praised the king, that ruler of the earth, with the best wishes.

Chapter 6: The Downfall of Saubhari Muni

(41-42) He thought to himself: 'Women do not like me, I'm too old, I'm not attractive to them. I am wrinkled, have gray hair and a head tremor. I will be rejected! Let me make it so that my body is desirable to the women of heaven, not to mention the daughters of the worldly kings!' Thus was the resolve of the mystic.

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