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Chapter 13: The Story of Nimi and the
Dynasty of his Son Mithila

(8) 'If you are content with us, then please, if you can, make the body of the king come alive!' After the demigods had responded in confirmation Nimi [as a spirit] said: 'Do not bind me to a physical frame!


Chapter 14: King Purûravâ Enchanted by Urvasî

(34) 'Ah my wife, do not leave, stay, oh cruel one! You should not have given up on me because I failed to make you happy thus far. Let us talk a little. (35) This good body of mine, led far, far away from home by you, will drop dead on the spot, oh devî, and the foxes and vultures will eat it, if it is not worthy of your grace!'

Chapter 15: Paras'urâma, the Lord's Warrior Incarnation

(14) He [Paras'urâma] who twenty-one times acted as the annihilator of the Haihaya dynasty and thus freed the earth from all her kshatriyas, is called an [ams'a] incarnation of Vâsudeva. (15) The earth's burden of the arrogant governing class that, covered by passion and ignorance, lacked in respect for the brahminical rule, was removed by him. He killed them despite the fact that they had committed no great offense [see also 1.11: 34].'

Chapter 16: How Lord Paras'urâma Came to Destroy
the Ruling Class Twenty-one Times

(17) Râma went to Mâhishmatî, [the capital] that was bereft of all glory because a brahmin had been killed. There he in the middle of the town made a great pile of the heads he severed from their bodies.

Chapter 17: The Dynasties of the Sons of Purûravâ

(1-3) The son of Vyâsa said: 'From one son of Purûravâ named Âyu [see 9.15: 1], there were the powerful sons Nahusha, Kshatravriddha, Rajî, Râbha and Anenâ. Oh royal ruler, hear now about the dynasty of Kshatravriddha. From Kshatravriddha's son Suhotra there were three sons: Kâs'ya, Kus'a and Gritsamada. From Gritsamada there was S'unaka and from him S'aunaka appeared, a muni who excelled in the sacred [Rig Veda] verses.

Chapter 18: King Yayâti Regains His Youth

(43) S'rî Pûru said: 'Who, oh King, oh best among the people, gets in this world the chance to repay his father for the body that he gave? It is by his mercy that one may enjoy a higher life. (44) He who acts in respect of his father's wishes is the best one, he who acts on his command is but mediocre, and low-class is he who acts irreverently. But he who defies his father's words is like his stool.'

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