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Chapter 19: Lord Vâmanadeva Begs Charity from Bali Mahârâja

(28) S'rî S'uka said: 'Thus being addressed Bali said with a smile to Lord Vâmana: 'Now take from me what You want' and, in order to give Him the land, he took up his water pot [so as to confirm his promise ritually with its water].

Chapter 20: Lord Vâmanadeva Covers all Worlds

(21) Then the dwarf form of the Unlimited Lord began to expand most wondrously to the entire expanse of the threefold of matter: He stretched Himself out in every direction over all the land, the sky, the planetary systems, outer space and the seas and oceans where the birds and the beasts, the humans, the gods and the saints were living.

Chapter 21: Bali Mahârâja Arrested by the Lord

(6-7) With water for the feet and for the guests, flower garlands, all sorts of pulp to smear, fragrant incense and lamps, fried rice, whole grains, fruits, roots and sprouts, they offered their respects exclaiming 'Jaya, jaya' to the glory of His actions, thereby dancing, singing and playing instruments, like vibrating conch shells and beating kettledrums.

Chapter 22: Bali Mahârâja Surrenders His Life

(13) Indrasena [Bali], saw his grandfather, the most beloved one, present there in all his glory: with eyes as wide as lotus petals, beautifully built, dressed in saffron and with a body as dark as collyrium and with long arms.

(32) Till then he may go and live in Sutala [see 5.24: 18], the place created by [the heavenly architect] Vis'vakarmâ, where it because of My supervision has been made impossible for the inhabitants to suffer psychically or physically any weariness, exhaustion or defeat.

Chapter 23: The Demigods Regain the Heavenly Places

(16) As for the time and place, the person, the paraphernalia, [the practice of] the mantras and following the principles,
faults can be made, but these are all nullified by regularly chanting Your glories in congregation

Chapter 24: Matsya, the Lord's Fish Incarnation

(27) You must be the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, the imperishable Lord Nârâyana who has assumed the form of a marine animal to show all living beings Your mercy.

(42) Meditating on what the Lord had said he saw a boat coming near. He got up, took the herbs and creepers and got on board together with the leading brahmins.

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