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Chapter 7: Lord S'iva Drinks the Poison Churned with the Mountain Mandara

(8) The infallible Lord, whose ways and powers are inscrutable, saw the hindrance as arranged by providence and then expanded Himself into the wondrous form of a giant tortoise [Kûrma]. He entered the water with it and lifted up the mountain [see also Das'âvatâra-stotra verse 2].

(42) Mahâdeva out of compassion for the welfare of all living beings consequently took the widespread Hâlahala poison in his hand and drank it.

Chapter 8: More Appears from the Churning:
Mother Lakshmî and Dhanvantari

(8) After that had happened the Goddess of Splendor [Ramâ or Lakshmî] manifested in person. With her lightening luster she, as [bright as] Saudâmanî [mountain], illumined along with the Lord all the directions [to deal with that splendor see the 'peace formula' of  B.G. 5: 29].

(14) Terwijl de tweemaal geboren zielen hymnen aan het zingen waren, goten de olifanten vervolgens potten vol heilig water uit over de kuise godin die zo prachtig was met de lotus in haar hand  [zie ook een klassieke afbeelding van Lakshmî].

(34) He was a partial appearance of a part of Lord Vishnu Himself, known by the name of Dhanvantari, who, seeing to medical science, was one of the demigods entitled to a share in the offerings.

Chapter 9: The Lord Appears as a Beautiful Woman
to Distribute the Nectar

(16-17) As the Suras and Daityas, all with their faces [also] turned eastward, dressed up with garlands were sitting down with lamps in an arena full of incense smoke, She entered there holding the container, oh ruler of man. With Her youthful, restless eyes, the sounds of Her tinkling ankle bells and Her jug-like breasts striding slowly, She wore a beautiful sari around Her wide hips and elephant trunk-like thighs.

Chapter 10: The Battle Between the Demigods and the Demons

(35)  The Suras and Asuras this way one by one engaged in fighting each other on the battlefield. Desiring the victory they slashed one another earnestly, waging with great strength with their sharp arrows, scimitars and lances.

Chapter 11: The Dânanvas Annihilated and Revived

(40) Thus he took hold of Namuci's head [and killed him] with the weapon that was wet nor dry [by forcing it down his throat]. Thereupon all the sages most pleased covered the almighty one with flower garlands.

Chapter 12: Lord S'iva Prays to See Mohini Mûrti,
Gets Bewildered and Restores

(18)  Thereupon they saw, on a nice spot in the forest, a delightful woman who, wearing a shining sari with a belt around Her hips, in the midst of pink leafed trees and all sorts of flowers was engaged in playing with a ball. (19) As she bounced the ball Her beautiful breasts and Her garlands vibrated along waving over Her slender waist, with every step She made here and there with Her feet  that were as red as coral.

(40) The moment one, [living] with the time and all its different elements, is joined with Me in the form of Eternal Time [or the pure Time Spirit], that illusory energy of the modes of nature [the goddess Durgâ in sum **] will no longer be able to bewilder you.'

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