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Chapter 6: Prahlâda Instructs His Asura Schoolmates

(1-2) S'rî Prahlâda said: 'Someone intelligent should, in this rarely obtained human birth, from early childhood on practice the dharma of devotional service unto the Lord [as described in 7.5: 23-24]; this life, even though temporary, is ruled by that purpose. (2) Because He is the most kindhearted and beloved living being, the Master of the Soul, to approach the feet of Vishnu constitutes the path for the person to follow in this world [see also 3.25: 38 and B.G. 5: 29].

Chapter 7: What Prahlâda Learned in the Womb

(15) The rishi mercifully instructed her, and [through her] specifically me, in both the principles of dharma of relating to the Lord and the pure spiritual knowledge [concerning the difference between soul and matter, compare 1.2: 7].

Chapter 8: Lord Nrisimhadeva Slays the King of the Demons

(29)  In protest he with his limbs wrestling tried to escape, but the Lord placed him, whose skin could not even be cut by Indra's thunderbolt, at the entrance of the palace on His lap like he was a snake or mouse and pierced him with His nails as easy as Garuda pierces a poisonous viper.

(30) With His most fearful eyes full of anger He was difficult to behold. With His mouth wide open licking the edges with His tongue and with His mane and face smeared red with traces of blood, He wore the intestines like a garland around His neck and looked like a lion that just has killed an elephant.

(46) The scientific experts [the Vidyâdharas] said: 'Our forms of knowledge that each are attained by a different way of concentrating, were pushed aside by this fool puffed up about his strength and prowess. He who in battle killed him like he was an animal, to Him who appeared as Nrisimha, we surrendered souls are ever obliged.'

Chapter 9: Prahlâda Propitiates Lord Nrisimhadeva with Prayers

(4) 'Surely' he said and even though he was only a small boy, oh King, the great devotee slowly,
step by step
, approached Him and prostrated himself with folded hands offering prayers.

(38) You protect all the worlds this way, according to the yuga in question appearing in different incarnations as a human being, a saint, a god or an aquatic. Sometimes, in defense of the dharma, You kill the troublemakers of this world, oh Supreme Personality, but because You in Kali-yuga operate under cover [channa] You, being spoken of as one and the same person, are called Triyuga [for being recognizable in the three other yugas, see also 11.5: 32].

Chapter 10: About Prahlâda, the Best Among the Exalted
Devotees and the Fall of Tripura

(2) S'rî Prahlâda said: 'Please do not allure me, for because of my Asura birth I am, by all those blessings, attached to material enjoyment. It was out of fear for such material association that I, desiring liberation, have taken to Your shelter for the sake of complete detachment.

Shiva fights tripura

(67) Oh ruler of man, with the arrows joined on his bow Lord S'iva thus, being the Master and Controller, at noon set the so difficult to pierce three cities afire.

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