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Chapter 7: Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brihaspati

(16) While Indra, the mightiest god of all, was ruminating thus, Brihaspati disappeared
from his house, not being seen because of the power of his elevated state

Chapter 8: The Armor of Mantras that Protected Indra


(20) May Kes'ava protect me with His club during the hours after sunrise, may Govinda holding His flute protect me early in the morning, may Nârâyana the Lord of all potencies, protect me late in the morning and may Lord Vishnu the ruler with the disc in His hand, protect me during the hours at noon [see also 5.21: 10].

Chapter 9: Appearance of the Demon Vritrâsura


(28) S'rî S'uka said: 'Because of that prayer of the enlightened souls oh King,
He with them turning inward, became visible with His conch shell, disc and club.

Chapter 10: The Battle Between the Demigods and Vritrâsura

Indra on Iravati

(13-14) King Indra thereafter took up the thunderbolt that was created by Vis'vakarmâ, empowered by the great sage [Dadhîci] and suffused with the spiritual strength of the Supreme Lord. Together riding out with all the other gods while the munis offered prayers, he gloriously sat on the back of Gajendra [his elephant] to the apparent pleasure of all the three worlds.

Chapter 11: The Transcendental Qualities of Vritrâsura

Indra marches against the Asuras

  (2-3) When the best of the Asuras saw that the Asura army, as if there was no one to protect them, was scattered and chased by the demigods now the moment offered the opportunity, the enemy of Indra was in great pain. Not able to tolerate this, he angrily with great force stepped in the way of the demigods to rebuke them with the following words:

Chapter 12: Vritrâsura's Glorious Death

Indra in battle 

(3) Even though the sight of the rotating trident flying towards him like a star falling from the sky was difficult to bear, it did not scare Indra. With his thunderbolt with a hundred hooks, he cut it, together with the arm of Vritra that resembled the body of the serpent king, in a hundred pieces.

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