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Chapter 27: Understanding Material Nature

(11) One should arrive at the realization of the transcendental support of the material cause [the Supreme Soul] that is manifest as a reflection within the untrue, that is there as an eye for the illusory nature of matter that penetrates everything as one without a second.

Chapter 28: Kapila's Instructions on the Execution

(23) One should meditate in one's heart on the Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmî, the lotus-eyed mother of the entire universe created by Brahmâ. She, who with her caring fingers massages the lower legs of the Almighty Lord transcendental to material existence, is worshiped by all God-conscious souls.

Chapter 29: Explanation of Devotional Service by Lord Kapila

(40-45) He for whom the wind out of fear blows and this sun is shining, for whom out of fear Indra sends his rains and the heavenly bodies are shining; He because of whom out of fear the trees, creepers and herbs each in their own time bear flowers and produce their fruits; He afraid of whom the rivers flow and the oceans do not overflow, because of whom fire burns and the earth with her mountains does not submerge; He because of whom the sky provides air to those who breathe and under the control of whom the universe expands its body of the complete reality [mahat-tattva] with its seven layers [**], He for whom out of fear the gods of creation and more, in charge of the basic qualities of nature, within this world carry out their functions according to the yugas [see 3.11], He of whom afraid all the animate and inanimate beings find their control; that infinite, final operator of beginningless Time is the unchangeable Creator who creates people out of people and by means of death puts an end to the rule of death.'

Chapter 30: Lord Kapila Describes the Adverse Consequences of Fruitive Activities

(17)  Lying down surrounded by his lamenting friends and relatives he, with the noose of time around his neck, cannot respond to the things said to him.

Chapter 31: Lord Kapila's Instructions on the Wanderings of the Living Entities

(11) The fearful living entity bound to its seven constituents [nails, skin, fat, flesh, blood, bone, marrow], then, with folded hands and faltering words prays, appealing to the Lord who placed him in that womb.

Chapter 32: The Entanglement in Fruitive Activities

(16) They whose minds in this world are addicted to fruitive activities, engage with conviction in their prescribed duties in attachment to the result of their labor and do that time and again.

Chapter 33: The Activities of Kapila Muni

(13) The way her son had told her in His yoga instruction, she in that abode [Kardama's palace], which with its wealth of flowers was the jewel of the Sarasvatî river, fixed her attention to be connected in the science of uniting consciousness.

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