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Chapter 13: The appearance of Lord Varâha


(33) Even as He bluish as a tamâla tree, like a playing elephant, upheld the earth on His curved tusks oh Vidura, they who were led by Brahmâ could recognize Him as the Supreme Lord. Thereupon they with folded hands offered Him prayers from the Vedic hymns.

Chapter 14: The Impregnation of Diti in the Evening

(10) Diti said: 'Oh learned soul, Cupid has with eyes for you aimed all his arrows at me and thus,
like a mad elephant attacking a banana tree, distresses my poor self.

Chapter 15: Description of the Kingdom of God

(27) After passing there through six gates without taking much interest, they at the seventh gate ran into two demigods of the same age who carried valuable maces, bracelets, earrings, helmets and beautiful garments.

Chapter 16: The Two Doorkeepers of Vaikunthha, Cursed by the Sages

(15) The great conclusion the Supreme Lord had revealed from His internal potency, made the four brahmins with folded hands speak in extreme delight with their hairs standing on end.

Chapter 17: Victory of Hiranyâksha over All the Directions of the Universe

(5) Sharp winds blew that constantly howled and armies of cyclones with
dust-clouds for their ensigns
uprooted the greatest trees.

Chapter 18: The Battle Between Lord Boar and the Demon Hiranyâksha 

(17) The Lord then struck the enemy on His right brow with His mace.
But the demon,
as an expert with the mace, warded off the blow with his own.

Chapter 19: The Killing of the Demon Hiranyâksha


(31) S'rî Maitreya said: 'After thus having killed the so very powerful Hiranyâksha, the Lord, the source of the boar incarnation, was praised by the one seated on the lotus and the other gods, whereupon He returned to His abode where His glory is celebrated continuously.

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