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Chapter 1: Questions by Vidura

(7)  When in the assembly the wife of the saintly Kurus [Draupadî] was insulted by his son [Duhs'âsana] who grabbed her by her hair, the king did not forbid this, although his daughter-in-law shed tears that washed away the kumkuma on her breasts [see Mahâbhârata II 58-73].

Chapter 2: Remembrance of Lord Krishna

(15) The Unborn One who yet took birth, the infinitely merciful Lord and ruler over the spiritual and material realm, appeared for the sake of the devotees as the Fortunate One, the Lord of the Opulences, as Bhagavân who accompanied by all His associates is as fire to all the others who, [like Kamsa] living to their own material standards, constitute a plague.

Chapter 3: The Lord's Pastimes Outside of Vrindâvana

(12) Thereafter in the battle of Kurukshetra of both the parties of the
nephews the kings were killed who with the force of their attacks shook the earth.

Chapter 4: Vidura Approaches Maitreya

(7) Beautiful with His blackish color, of pure goodness and peaceful with His reddish eyes,
He could be recognized as having four arms and yellow silken garments [Vishnu].

Chapter 5: Vidura Talks with Maitreya

(11) Who can get enough of the stories about Him whose feet constitute the places of pilgrimage, about Him who in society is worshiped by the great devotees? When these stories enter someone's ears they, because of the love they bestow, cut the ties of affection a person has with his family!


(20) Because of a curse of the powerful sage Mândavya Muni you have taken birth from the maidservant of the brother [Vicitravîrya] and the son of Satyavatî [Vyâsadeva],
as the incarnation of Yamarâja, the controller of death [see family tree].

Family tree extended: from Purûravâ up to Krishna and from Kuru up to the Pândavas

(34) The air, also transformed by the extremely powerful ether, gave [in contraction] rise to the form of the light [of the fire of the sun and the stars] and [the bio-electricity] of sense perception by which the world is perceived.

Chapter 6: The generating of the Universal Form 

(15) Eyes appeared in the gigantic body that offered a position to Tvashthâ,
the director of light and the power of sight by which forms can be seen.

(9) The threefold of the gigantic form pertains to the three aspects of âdhtmika [the self with its senses and mind], âdhidaivika [nature and all her gods] and âdhibhautika [the others and what more appears to the senses], the tenfold relates to the [organs of the] life force [or prâna: hands, feet, anus, the genitals, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin and mouth; see brahma sûtra 2.4: 5-6] and the oneness refers to the heart.

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