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Chapter 1: The First Step in God Realization

(24) His personal body is this gross material world in which we experience all that belongs to the past, the present and the future of this universe in existence. (25) This outer shell of the universe that we know as a body consisting of seven coverings [see kos'as], constitutes the notion of the object of the Universal Form of the Purusha [the Original Person] who is the Supreme Lord.

Chapter 2: The Lord in the Heart


(8) Others see in the meditation upon Him within their own body the Personality of Godhead residing in the region of the heart measuring eight inches, having four arms, carrying the lotus, the wheel of the chariot, the conch shell and the club. (9) With His mouth expressing happiness, His eyes wide open like a lotus, His clothes yellowish like a Kadamba flower, bedecked with jewels and with golden ornaments studded with precious stones, He wears a glowing headdress with earrings. (10) His feet are positioned on the whorl of the lotus hearts of the great mystics. On His chest He wears the beautifully engraved Kaustubha jewel and around His neck He has a fresh flower garland spreading its beauty.

Chapter 3: Pure Devotional Service -
The Change in Heart

(12) The knowledge leading to the limit of the complete withdrawal from the whirlpool of the material modes, results in the satisfaction of the soul. In the transcendence of being detached from these modes, that satisfaction carries the blessings of the path of bhakti-yoga. Being absorbed in the narrations about the Lord, who would then not act upon this attraction?"

Chapter 4: The Process of Creation

(12) S'rî S'uka said: 'My obeisances to the Supreme Personality, who for the maintenance and also the winding up of the complete whole of the material creation, by His pastimes assumed the power of the three modes while residing within all bodies as the One whose ways are inconceivable.

Chapter 5: The Cause of all Causes


(9) The Creator replied: 'Oh gentle one so dear to me, you, so very kind, are perfectly right in expressing
your doubts, for [by that submission in penance] I was led to consider the heroism and power of the Supreme Lord.

Chapter 6: The Hymn of the Original Person Confirmed

(32) According to His will, I create, under His order S'iva destroys and He in the form of the
Original Person maintains
the entire universe as the controller of the three energies.

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