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Chapter 52: The Lords Leap Down from a Mountain
and Rukminī's Message to Lord Krishna

(6) As Acyuta was engaged in taking the wealth with oxen and men,
Jarāsandha arrived on the scene leading twenty-three armies.

(37) 'S'rī Rukminī told me: 'Oh Most Beautiful One of all the Worlds, I heard about Your qualities. For all who listen and whom You have entered through the openings of their ears, You thus remove the distress of their bodies. To those who have eyes, the sight of Your beauty constitutes the complete fulfillment of their life's purpose. Therefore I have without any shame devoted my mind to You Acyuta!

Chapter 53: Krishna Kidnaps Rukminī

(28) That very moment the purest one among the brahmins appeared, following the command of Krishna,
to see
the divine princess who stayed in the inner chambers of the palace.

He lifted her onto His chariot which was marked with [the flag of] Garuda, drove back the circle of kings and slowly left the place with Balarāma in front, just like a lion would do removing his prey from the midst of jackals.

Chapter 54: Rukmī's Defeat and Krishna Marries

(53) The Supreme Lord, thus defeating the earthly rulers, took the daughter of Bhīshmaka to His capital and married her according to the vidhi, oh protector of the Kurus. (54) To that occasion there was a great rejoicing among the citizens in each and every home of the Yadu city, oh King, where no one else but Krishna, the leader of the Yadus, was the great love.

Chapter 55: The History of Pradyumna

(4) Pradyumna was swallowed by a mighty fish which, together with others being trapped in a huge net, was seized by fishermen. (5) The fishermen presented it to S'ambara, who sent the gift to the cooks who with a knife cut it open in the kitchen. (6) The child they found in its belly was given to Māyāvatī, who was astonished. From Nārada she heard the facts about the child's birth and how it had ended up in the belly of the fish.

(25) As the gods full of praise from above rained flowers upon Him, He was by His wife, who traveled the sky, through the air brought to the city [of Dvārakā]. (26) Together with His wife He, like a cloud with lightning, from the sky entered the inner spaces of the most exquisite palace, oh King, which was crowded with hundreds of women.

Chapter 56: How the Syamantaka Jewel Brought
Krishna Jambavatī and Satyabhāma

(32) Thus being addressed he [Jāmbavān] happily presented to Krishna his maiden daughter Jāmbavatī together with the jewel, as a respectful offering.

Chapter 57: Satrājit Murdered, the Jewel Stolen
and Returned Again

(8) Putting the corpse in a large vessel of oil she went to Hastināpura to Krishna,
who [already] knew of the situation, and related sorrowfully the murder of her father.

(41) After showing the Syamantaka jewel to His relatives, [and thus] doing away
with the emotions [of the accusations] against Him, the Lord
returned it to him.

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