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Chapter 41: The Lords' Arrival in Mathurā

(19) Later in the afternoon Krishna, together with Sankarshana [Rāma]
the gopas, entered Mathurā to take a look around.

(41) Krishna and Rāma with each His own specific high quality outfit and nice decorations,
looked as resplendent as a pair of young elephants, one light and one dark, adorned for a festival.

(49)  S'uka said: 'Thus understanding what to do, oh best of kings, Sudāmā, steeped in love, 
garlands made of fresh and fragrant flowers.

Chapter 42: The Breaking of the Sacrificial Bow

(3) The maidservant said: 'Oh handsome One, I am a servant of Kamsa known as Trivakrā ['three-bend'] respected indeed for my work with ointments. Prepared by me they are very dear to the chief of the Bhojas. But okay, who else but the two of You would deserve them?' (4) With her mind overwhelmed by the beauty, charm and sweetness of Their talks, smiles and glances, she gave Them plenty of ointment.

Chapter 43: Krishna Kills the Elephant Kuvalayāpīda

(13) The Supreme Lord, the killer of Madhu, confronting him in his attack, with His hand seized him by his trunk and made him fall to the ground. (14) With the ease of a lion jumping on the fallen giant, the Lord yanked out a tusk and killed the elephant as also his keepers with it.

Chapter 44: The Wrestling Match and
the Killing of Kamsa

(2) They seized each other's hands, blocked each other's legs with their legs,
and then pulled and pushed with force to attain the victory.

(37) He grabbed him by the hair and knocked the crown off his head. The Lord with the Lotus Navel then hurled him from the high platform down into the wrestling arena, whereupon He, the Independent Support of the Entire Universe, threw Himself on top of him [to kill him].

Chapter 45: Krishna Rescues His Teacher's Son

(10) S'rī S'uka said: 'Thus bewildered by the words of Him, the Lord and Soul of the Universe who through His māyā appeared as a human being, they raised Them upon their laps to experience the joy of closing Them in their arms. (11) Bound by the rope of affection crying a river they, with their throats full of tears being overwhelmed, could not say a word, oh King. (12) The Supreme Lord, the son of Devakī, who thus comforted His parents, then made His maternal grandfather Ugrasena, King over the Yadus.

(30-31)  The Lords of the Universe who are the source of any form of knowledge, concealed in Their human activities the perfection of Their omniscience not founded on any knowledge from the outside. They [nevertheless] then desired to reside in the school of the guru and approached Sāndīpani, a native of Kāsī [Benares], who dwelt in the city of Avantī [Ujjain]. (32) Thus obtaining [the company of] these self-controlled souls, he was by Them respected as if he was the Lord Himself. Doing this They in Their devotion formed an irreproachable example of service to the teacher. (33) That best of the twice-born souls as Their guru, taught Them, contented as he was with Their pure love and submissive acts, all the Vedas with their corollary literatures and philosophical treatises [Upanishads], [**(34) the Dhanur-veda [military science, archery] along with all its secrets [the mantras], the dharma [the codes of human conduct, the laws] and the nyāya [the methods of logic] as also the ānvīkshikīm [the knowledge of philosophical debate or tarka] and the six aspects of the rāja-nītim [political science, see ***].

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