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Chapter 13: Dhritarâshthra Quits Home

(30) As he left, the chaste and worthy daughter of King Subala [Gândhârî] followed her husband to the Himalayas -
the place that is the delight of those who took up the staff of renunciation like they were fighters accepting a justified beating.

Chapter 14: The Disappearance of Lord Krishna

Yuddhisthira and bad omens

(12) See, oh Bhîma, how the jackal frantically cries at sunrise and how the dog barks at me without any fear.

Chapter 15: The Pândavas Retire

Yuddhisthira and bad omens

(5) He said: 'Oh great King, Lord Hari in the form of my friend, has left me.
Now I am bereft of the amazing power that even astonished the gods.

(14) Because of His friendship alone I, seated on the chariot, could cross the insurmountable ocean of the military strength of the Kauravas. Thanks to His friendship only, I could return with the enormous wealth of the enemy, the brilliance of all the jewels I by force took from their heads. (15) It was He who by the power of His glance put an end to my mental agitation concerning the duration of life of all the fighters who with the wealth of their chariots were positioned on the battlefield, oh great King. With the immensity of great royal personalities like Bhîshma, Karna, Drona and S'alya, He was the one driving me forward from their ranks. (16) Under His protection the very powerful invincible weapons wielded by Drona, Bhîshma, Karna, Bhûris'ravâ, King Sus'armâ, S'alya, King Jayadratha, Bâhlika [a brother of Bhîshma] etc., could not touch me, just like it was when Prahlâda [the famous devotee of Nrisimhadeva, the lion-incarnation] was compromised by the demons. (17) Thinking wrongly about my Lord as being my chariot driver, about Him whose feet are served by the intelligent souls for the sake of salvation, the hostile charioteers by His mercy did not take notice and did not attack me when I alighted for my thirsty horses.

Chapter 16: How Parîkchit Received the Age of Kali


(18) Dharma [the personality of religion, a bull] who wandered around on [but] one leg [firmly], met a cow [mother earth] with tears in her eyes, like she was a mother who has lost her child. He questioned her. (19) Dharma said: 'Madam, are you in good health? Looking so sad with a gloomy face, oh mother, you seem to be afflicted by a disease or to be preoccupied with some relative far away.

Chapter 17: Punishment and Reward of Kali

(36) Kali said: 'Wherever I may live under your order, oh Emperor,
I will always have to face the reign of your bow and arrows.

Chapter 18: Mahârâja Parîkchit Cursed
by a Brahmin Boy

(24-25) Once day, when Parîkchit was hunting stags with bow and arrows, he got very fatigued, hungry and thirsty. Looking for a reservoir of water he entered the hermitage of the famous rishi S'amîka where he saw the sage silently sitting down with his eyes closed.

Chapter 19: The appearance of S'ukadeva Gosvâmî


(35) Finally Krishna, the Supreme Lord so dear to the sons of Pându, is satisfied with me and has,
from His  affection for His cousins, [by your visit] accepted me, their descendant, as one of theirs.

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