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Chapter 7: The Son of Drona Punished

(55) Sûta said: 'At once understanding what the Lord meant, he separated with his sword
the crown jewel from the head of the brahmin along with his hair.

(56) He [As'vatthâmâ] who, next to the loss of his bodily luster because of the infanticide also
had lost strength by the loss of his jewel,
was next released from the ropes and driven out of the camp.

Chapter 8: Parîkchit Saved and Prayers by Queen Kuntî

(24) In the past saving us from poison, a great fire, man-eaters, a vicious assembly, sufferings from exile in the forest and against weapons in battles with great warriors, You have now fully protected us against the weapon of the son of Drona.

Chapter 9: The Passing away of Bhîshmadeva in the Presence of Krishna

(24) May He, the path of my meditations, the four-handed God of the Gods, the Supreme Lord, with His cheerful smile, His eyes red like the morning sun and His decorated lotus face, await me when I leave this material body.'


Chapter 10: The Departure of Lord Krishna for Dvârakâ

(14) The ladies of the family who came from the palace, had difficulty checking their tears from overflowing,
as they were afraid that because of it inauspicious things might happen to the son of Devakî.

Chapter 11: Lord S'rî Krishna's Entrance into Dvârakâ

(1)  Sûta said: "Reaching the border of the prosperous region of Ânarta [the territory of Dvârakâ, His capital],
He sounded His conch shell [the Pâñcajanya], which, evidently, ended the dejection of the inhabitants.

Chapter 12: The Birth of Emperor Parîkchit

(19) The brahmins answered: 'Oh son of Prithâ [Kuntî], he will be the maintainer of all living entities, exactly like King Ikshvâku, the son of Manu, and he will be faithful to his promises and be of respect for the brahmins, just like Râma, the son of Das'aratha.

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