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CHAPTER 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Chapter 1-6:


The individual soul realizes itself the Original Soul

by means of action.


Chapter 1: The Yoga of Dejection:

On the confrontation with the necessity to fight.  

(14) Thereupon Madhava [Krishna as the husband of the goddess
of fortune] with Arjuna standing in a great chariot drawn by
white horses, both confidently sounded their divine conchells.


Chapter 2a (2.1-2.38): The Yoga of Analytic Knowledge

On the knowledge of the soul.


(11) The Supreme Lord said: 'You are lamenting about what is
not worth the lamenting and you speak learned words as well -
whether lives are lost or not, the learned never lament.


Chapter 2b (2.39-2.72): The Yoga of Analytic Knowledge

On the results of labor.

(60) While endeavoring surely, in spite of, o son of Kunti,
a man's full discrimination, the senses forcibly take away the mind agitating it.


Chapter 3: The Yoga of Action

On mastering the intelligence.

(3) The Supreme Lord said: 'In this world there are two kinds of faith,
as I told you before o sinless one, it is the linking of oneself
in the knowledge of the analytic mind [to attain to stability of intelligence]
and the connectedness in action [forsaking the desire for the fruits]
as practiced by the devoted [the volition of yoga].


Chapter 4: The Yoga of Knowledge

On sacrificing.

(24) The sacrifice itself, that which is offered in the fire of sacrifice
and he who is of sacrifice are of the same spiritual nature;
he will certainly attain to the spirit who is completely
absorbed in working for the spiritual.


Chapter 5: The Yoga of Work in Detachment

About the reality of detachment.

(18) In a gentle brahmin fully educated, in a cow, in an elephant
and surely also in an outcast, see those who are wise [the soul] with equal vision.


Chapter 6: The Yoga of Meditation

About the nature of yoga and reïncarnation

(40) The Supreme Lord said: O son of  Kuntî, there is never
in this world nor in the next one destruction for one who is engaged
in doing good; surely no one who does good will ever end in trouble.




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