A Song of Fortune
- A Classical Gîtâ -



  Chapter 1

Despair about the battle

  Chapter 2a

Getting the mind together

  Chapter 2b

A grip on the matter

  Chapter 3

To act - a master of intelligence

  Chapter 4

To unite one's consciousness in sacrifice and âtmatattva

  Chapter 5

To unite in labor and detachment

  Chapter 6

Being there and having been there before

  Chapter 7

To know oneself and make it, unified in âtmatattva

  Chapter 8

To find salvation in being united in the eternal spirit

  Chapter 9

To unite in confidential knowledge

  Chapter 10

To be one in respect of the opulence

  Chapter 11

Facing the complete of His reality

  Chapter 12

Focussing on the perfect

  Chapter 13

The knower, the known and the knowledge of âtmatattva

  Chapter 14

The three basic qualities of nature

  Chapter 15

The nature of the supreme person

  Chapter 16

About the enlightened and the unenlightened ones

  Chapter 17

The three qualities relating to one's austerity, sacrifice and food intake 

 Chapter 18a

Renunciation according to the qualities and the causes of karma 

  Chapter 18b

Individual duties and the one way of liberation


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