Canto 4, chapter 30 text 39-40 (original Prabhupâda/S'astri version as opposed to the later load at Vedabase)

yan nah svadhîtam guravah prasâditâ
viprâs' ca vriddhâs' ca sad-ânuvrittyâ
âryâ natâh suhrido bhrâtaras' ca
sarvâni bhûtâny anasûyayaiva
yan nah sutaptam tapa etad îs'a
nirandhasâm kâlam adabhram apsu
sarvam tad etat purushasya bhûmno
vrinîmahe te paritoshanâya

yat--what; nah--by us; svadhîtam--studied; guravah--superior persons, spiritual masters; prasâditâh--satisfied; viprâh--the brâhmanas; ca--and; vriddhâh--those who are elderly; ca--and; sat-ânuvrittyâ--by our gentle behavior; âryâh--those who are advanced in spiritual knowledge; natâh--were offered obeisances; su-hridah--friends; bhrâtarah--brothers; ca--and; sarvâni--all; bhûtâni--living entities; anasûyayâ--without envy; eva--certainly;

yat--what; nah--of us; su-taptam--severe; tapah--penance; etat--this; îs'a--O Lord; nirandhasâm--without taking any food; kâlam--time; adabhram--for a long duration; apsu--within the water; sarvam--all; tat--that; etat--this; purushasya--of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhûmnah--the most exalted; vrinîmahe--we want this benediction; te--of You; paritosanâya--for the satisfaction.


Dear Lord, we have studied the Vedas, accepted a spiritual master and offered respect to brâhmanas, advanced devotees and aged personalities who are spiritually very advanced. We have offered our respects to them, and we have not been envious of any brother, friends or anyone else. We have also undergone severe austerities within the water and have not taken food for a long time. All these spiritual assets of ours are simply offered for Your satisfaction. We pray for this benediction only, and nothing more.